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No matter what stage you are at with your PCN we can help.


We exist to protect, empower, and support all motorists 24hrs.

We Pay your PCN are here to manage your Penalty charge notice so that you don't have to.


Our dedicated team of experts wants to take the stress and worry away from you when it comes to appealing your PCN. 

We will therefore act on your behalf when appealing to the Council or Private company who issued the PCN.

There are several factors that could be in your favor, and here are WPYPCN we are fully versed on the laws and legislations around UK traffic management.

x1 Appeal £18.00


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Can I appeal to a Private company Parking Ticket?

Yes WPYPCN will appeal both council and the private company issued PCN's.

Will you pay my PCN if the appeal is rejected?

No, we only cover the costs of PCN's that are rejected if you have our annual membership and have not previously appealed the PCN in question.

Can I pay a PCN then appeal?

No. Payment of the PCN is admitting liability.

What happens if I lose the Appeal?

If your appeal is rejected we can appeal to the London Tribunal.


We are here to help you at any stage if you wish to appeal and know you need assistance.

Can you help me if I have already had a rejected appeal?

Yes, we can help you. However, if your appeal is rejected a second time you may be liable to pay the full cost of the PCN 'with no discounted rate'

If you have any other questions regarding our appeals service please do get in touch.

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