We Appeal YOUR PCN



If you want to appeal your Parking ticket and get it cancelled we can help. 


Our dedicated team of experts wants to take the stress and worry away from you when it comes to appealing your PCN. 

We will therefore act on your behalf when appealing to the Council or Private company who issued the PCN.

We've got you covered!

There are several factors that could be in your favor, and here are WPYPCN we are fully versed on the laws and legislations around UK traffic management. Therefore our success rate for winning appeals is high.


We are confident and dedicated to providing you with a successful outcome however in the unlikely event that your appeal is rejected we will offer you a full money-back guarantee. 

Upon receipt of your £18.99, the WPYPCN appeals team will endeavor to send off your appeal within 48 hours of receiving payment.

You will be informed and updated regularly while your appeal is being processed.

AFTER MAKING YOUR PAYMENT!  To enable us to to begin the process we will require you to send in a copy of the PCN that you are wanting to appeal, your full name and as much supporting evidence as you can provide.


Please forward all correspondence to:


x1 Appeal £18.99

x2 Appeals £34.99

x3 Appeals  £49.99




*Please note that you are not required to be a member of WPYPCN to access the appeals service.*



Can I appeal to a Private company Parking Ticket?

Yes WPYPCN will appeal both council and the private company issued PCN's.

Can I pay a PCN then appeal?

No. Payment of the PCN is admitting liability.

What happens if I lose the Appeal?

If your appeal is rejected you can appeal to the London Tribunal.

How long does the Council have to respond to my appeal?

The Council has 56 days to respond to your appeal and no further charges may be added to the PCN during this time.

If you have any other questions regarding our appeals service please do get in touch.

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